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 Effects of ORMUS materials

Ormus enhances growth in any agricultural or gardening scenario. Plants or crops grow faster and taller with larger and more numerous fruits or flowers. Taste, colour and fragrance are all noticeably vibrant and impressive. The plants or crops are also more resistant to disease meaning that ecologically undesirable pesticides or fertilisers can be avoided. Animals show a clear preference for feedstuffs treated with Ormus and themselves grow bigger, stronger and are more healthy.

 Special Formula

Neptune Waves

We have prepared a special formula of Ormus for use with Plants which provides the base of sea-water minerals on which they thrive, but which also has enhanced Growth-Stimulus properties.
This Elixir is washed the necessary way to lessen its salt-content: sodium chloride is often thought to be quite undesirable owing to adverse effects on plant-root osmosis but we contend that in the presence of other mineral salts in the proportions found in sea water, not only does this not prove a drawback but NaCl is actively required for other essential minerals to be absorbed.
The pH of our Elixir is optimised but not artificially lowered since our experiments have shown clearly that this renders the Ormus non-bioavailable and therefore ineffective. Our plant studies indicate that this Elixir formula is not only well-tolerated but effects are particularly striking as our testimonials confirm.

 Plant ORMUS - A Non-Esoteric Market

We recognise that Farmers and Gardeners are possibly less interested in "esoteric matters" than those keen to learn about or to take Ormus for health or spiritual purposes. For this reason we have chosen to supply our Plant Elixir Formulation through a separate Organisation whose website does not make any reference to Ormus.
Please use the following link if you wish to order this product:
MERLIN Research - Plant Growth Enhancers

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