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 Superconductors FAQ

Q:   What is a Superconductor...?
A:   A Superconductor is an element which exhibits virtually no electrical resistance. Its atoms are arranged in a crystal matrix and can store huge amounts of energy indefinitely.

Q:   Are these chemically reactive...?
A:   Instead of its valence electrons being free to join in chemical compounds, the outer electrons of a Superconductor are joined to each other in "Cooper-pairs" forming a Bose-Einstein condensate. This makes such an element totally unreactive and chemically invisible.

Q:   What else is unusual about Superconductors...?
A:   When a Superconductor starts resonating with energy it exerts a magnetic field around itself called the "Meissner Effect". This can lead to weight changes, levitation and even to teleportation into other dimensions. Two Superconductors resonating in sympathy with each other are said to be "quantum-coupled" in a way which is not restricted by normal limits of space and time.

Q:   Aren't Superconductors supposed to be cooled to very low temperatures in order for this to work...?
A:   Unlike other such materials which do have to be super-cooled first, White Powder Gold appears to be a room-temperature Superconductor.

Q:   What is the significance of Superconductors to life...?
A:   It has been hypothesised that while our DNA is like an architectural template for our body, the Superconducting white-powder platinum elements (possibly resonating with the Zero Point Field) carry the life-force energy that keeps us alive. If something like this is so, then it is not so surprising that we were always meant to supplement our diet with Ormus materials, like Ancient Peoples seem to have understood...!

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