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 David Hudson FAQ

Q:   Who was David Hudson...?
A:   David Hudson was a successful Arizona cotton farmer who was treating the soil on his huge property with various chemicals in the late 1970's. Certain soil samples left to dry in the sun would suddenly explode and disappear - a very strange behaviour. Hudson sent samples for analysis and was told it was iron, silica & aluminium which made no sense at all to him. Being very well-off and keen to explore this anomaly, he hired a chemist to purify the sample (ie removing iron, silica & aluminium) and have it reanalysed at one of the top scientific centres in the USA. To the considerable discomfort of the specialists concerned, the powder sample analysed as "pure NOTHING"...!

Q:   How did Hudson react to that...?
A:   Determined to find out what was going on, Hudson hired a German expert in the design and construction of arc-emission spectrometers: the sample is placed on a carbon electrode and a high-voltage DC arc produces heat similar to the surface of the sun during a 15 second burn. This disassociates the sample and vapourises its constituent elements whose spectra are detected and reported. To the expert's shock, the carbon electrode burned away without registering anything..!

Q:   What happened next...?
A:   The German expert heard that the Soviet Union had designed a spectrometer with the electrodes inside a sealed glass chamber filled with an inert gas to increase the "burn time" to 300 seconds. Hudson was so intrigued he paid over $1 million to have a machine like this built for his lab. Once this was ready, they tried the experiment again and for the first period of time nothing was detected, as happened before. But when the burn-time reached 70 seconds, SUDDENLY - palladium registered, then platinum, then ruthenium, then gold followed by all the other "platinum-group" elements in sequence. Hudson realised he had discovered a new form of matter totally unknown to science - "white powder gold" and its relatives.

Q: :   How did "so-called experts" react to that...?
A:   Predictably, with great scepticism - so Hudson decided to hire a team of scientists to thoroughly analyse the physics & chemistry of this unique material. Soon, he discovered that its weight would change when heated and cooled. The first change meant a weight loss of 44% and quantum physicists in Texas had predicted that a "superconductor" would behave this way when it started resonating. Then a relative showed Hudson a book on alchemy suggesting that Ancient Peoples knew all about white powder gold. He had "rediscovered" a Lost Secret...!

Q:   Hasn't this "soil analysis" turned into such a long journey...?
A:   This is exactly what David Hudson thought as his powder was confirmed to be the first "room-temperature superconductor" with implications in fuel cells and other new technology. Reading old texts suggesting the Egyptians and the Israelites took the substance, he did tests on sick animals that veterinarians couldn't cure. They all got better, ill again when the substance was withdrawn, and recovered fully after a long dose. A Doctor friend tried the substance on a patient with only weeks to live through AIDS. Three weeks later, the man got out of bed, dressed himself and went to a family wedding in another State.

Q:   Was this exciting scientific work properly documented...?
A:   Hudson decided to file for a Patent in USA, UK & Australia showing how to make his "ORME" white powder form of precious metals. The US Patent Authorities demanded endless tests and also that he turn the powder back to metal as further proof - something akin to turning "apple sauce" back to "apples"...! Many years and lots of expense later, Hudson finally managed to achieve this and his Patent was granted in the UK & Australia. However the Dept of Defense objected to work on superconductors and the US Patent was never approved....!

Q:   How does this amazing story end...?
A:   David Hudson built a plant to manufacture ORME materials but as with his Patent application, endless obstacles were placed in his way culminating in a Health & Safety Order against him after a plant accident. After 20 years and more than 8 million dollars, he finally understood that various aspects of "US Intelligence" did not want this secret to be publicised. At the end of 2000 he told his friends and supporters sadly - "I have been regulated out of existence....!"

Q:   So, is that the end of David Hudson's involvement in White Powder Gold...?
A:   Sadly, this is the case. However, his pioneering work attracted attention from many areas - enlightened scientists, doctors, alchemists and lay-persons alike - who heard him lecture and were determined to continue his work, albeit without Hudson's "high profile". The story continues to develop and our Elixirs are one part of this exciting new science...!

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