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 Ancient Knowledge FAQ

Q:   Please can you give more details about the Ancient People and their knowledge...?
A:   The High Priests of Ancient Egypt prepared White Powder Gold which they called "mfkzt". A number of engravings exist which show them presenting this as a conical "breadcake" to Pharaoh. In 1904, the British Egyptologist Sir WM Flinders Petrie led an expedition to Mount Horeb in the Sinai desert. At the top of the mountain they discovered a ruined temple of Egyptian origin whose design and structure seemed more to resemble a workshop. In stone containers they found large quantities of a fine white powder whose nature they could not identify.

Q:   Who else knew this Secret...?
A:  Certain historians believe that the Pharaoh Akhenaten was the same person who - as Moses - led the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promised Land. The High Priest at that time - Smenkh-ka-ra who also reigned briefly as Pharaoh was his cousin Aaron. These historical figures who left Egypt at a time of political change would certainly have known the secrets of White Powder Gold which may have left Egypt with them. As "manna from heaven" this became part of the ritual diet for the Israelites. It would appear the practice of passing such secret knowledge down through the royal bloodline continued, as many generations later King Solomon was making manna and selling it to his neighbours.

Q:   Was this still known in later years eg 1AD...?
A:   Being a direct descendant of David & Solomon, it is likely that Jesus would be privy to esoteric knowledge passed down the line of Kings and High Priests. Bible stories quaintly depict his father Joseph as a humble "carpenter". However, a translation from the original Aramaic in today's idiom can be rendered as "Master of the Craft" - which might give an altogether different understanding..! Many Bible writings highlight the special importance of "bread" which seems to have been a codeword for the manna.

Q:   When did this Secret become lost...?
A:   With wars and political upheaval throughout the early centuries it is not hard to imagine that an entire group of people who "knew" could be imprisoned or wiped out and the chain to pass the knowledge "on" could have been broken. Such a secret could have been considered politically dangerous to established Churches who might have sought to eliminate it. But it is probable that records were kept in certain very secret places to guard against such eventualities and the Temple in Jerusalem may have been one such repository.

Q:   Did Secret Societies of later times possess this knowledge...?
A:   It is interesting to speculate what it was that the Knights Templar found beneath the ruined Temple in Jerusalem. It certainly made their Society very rich and powerful for many years. Again, political forces tried to destroy whatever it was, but perhaps the Secret was hidden again...? The Rosicrucians and subsequently the Freemasons are also Secret Societies that still exist today. The latter practice secret rituals that seem to have their origins in Ancient Egypt but could it be that they have forgotten what these were actually about...?

Q:   Since "Ancient Secrets" are now the subject of novels and Hollywood films, is there any connection with Ormus...?
A:   In contrast to the supposed secrets of various Ritual Sects (where an actual meaning is hard to define), the production of White Powder Gold was - and is - a concrete process of great benefit to Mankind but which was only understood by those trained to do so. We think it far from impossible that the secrets of Ormus could have been hidden by the Templars (underneath Edinburgh's Rosslyn Chapel..?) as featured (but left unexplained...!) in the da Vinci Code.

Q:   Finally, what is the connection between Ormus and Alchemy...?
A:   Alchemy processes use natural materials to bring about certain chemical reactions that are known and understood only by very few adepts. That description is quite appropriate for both the way White Powder Gold was made and the way its secret processes were handed-down to future generations. Mediaeval Alchemists knew many secrets about gold and their focus may not entirely have been about "gold metal" as is commonly supposed. The materials that we call Ormus which seem to be so useful for health may quite possibly have another separate incarnation in a different and more concentrated form as the celebrated Philosphers' Stone...!

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