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 Ormus FAQ

Q:   Please remind me again what is Ormus?
Ormus or M-state both refer to the high-atomic-spin, white-powder form of gold and other platinum-group elements. This form is completely unreactive in normal circumstances and a chemical analysis of a sample will be detected as the impurities present alongside it. A 100% pure sample will be reported as - "Umm - there's NOTHING there...!!"

Q:   Is this a naturally occurring material?
A:   Studies suggest that Ormus forms of these elements are actually more plentiful in nature than the rare metals that are recovered from mines. But as we ought to stress again, conventional soil analysis would never show them, so geological scientists just didn't realise they were present...!

Q:   So, how did ancient civilisations know about White Powder Gold?
Folklore knowledge handed down through ancient history (Sumer & Babylon) seems to have informed the Egyptian High Priests about Ormus and how to make it by alchemical means, even though they lacked the sort of technology and pure chemicals we have today. We use similar techniques to extract it for our Elixirs.

Q:   How was this ancient knowledge rediscovered now?
A:  In the 1980's a rich Arizona farmer called David Hudson (qv) found soil on his cotton fields behaving strangely. When he received illogical assay reports he then spent over $8 million and 20 years hiring scientists to develop new ways to analyse these hidden substances. He finally succeeded and realised his ORME White Powder Gold matched alchemical mythology and religious writings.

Q:   Why hasn't there been more publicity about this exciting recent discovery?
A:   Throughout history, we have been very resistant to new and contradictory knowledge: remember how Galileo was imprisoned for suggesting the Earth orbited the Sun? While a growing body of capable researchers quietly study Ormus and its amazing effects, mainstream science is obstinately fixed to old suppositions and remains sceptical.

Q:   But wouldn't the whole world benefit if White Powder Gold can do the amazing things suggested?
A:   It is disappointing to recognise that "world vested interests" often do not follow the path of greatest humanitarian benefit. Ormus works because it is a superconductor and authorities that are nervous and inclined to resist development of this, include the military, the oil industry and the pharmaceutical companies..!

Q:   Ancient Peoples ingested this material - is this safe to do so?
A:   Evidence suggests that since creation, we were meant to do this. Ormus exists naturally in soil, in sea-water and in the air. It is present in our food-chain, albeit in much lower quantities nowadays than our bodies might prefer. It would probably be extremely hard NOT to be already taking it..!

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