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 FAQ's & Links

Here is our own   Ormus FAQ  which gives further details of interest.

Here is another FAQ about Ancient Knowledge which explains some History.

David Hudson was responsible for rediscovering the secret of White Powder Gold. Here is a FAQ about him.

White Powder Gold is a Superconductor. Here is a FAQ about that.

Laurence Gardner (deceased 12 August 2010) was the eminent British historian whose studies of Ancient Peoples highlight their use of White Powder Gold as described in his book "The Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark". Laurence's website used to be at http://www.graal.co.uk but sadly, is no longer active.

Dr Roger Taylor is a retired British immunologist who has been studying Ormus and its effects on plants. His article in Nexus gives a very accurate and balanced scientific report on the subject which has been impressing many hitherto sceptical academics and encouraging them to treat Ormus more seriously...!
Read Roger's Nexus Article

Barry Carter from Oregon, USA (deceased 8 April 2018) spent much of his life dedicated to the study of Ormus materials and their effects. He toured the world giving lectures and demonstrations on this subject, appeared on radio broadcasts in the USA and collated all research and reports as an "Ormus Library" on his website at:

Chris Emmons - a pharmacist from Florida, USA - published a book about Ormus in 2009. Her collaborators include Don Nance, Barry Carter and Dennis William Hauck and the various ways of collecting Ormus are described in detail.

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