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 What Advice Are We ABLE to Give...?

Although we (and many others) believe our Elixirs contain vital ingredients for health and life energy, the unique circumstances that have kept them hidden for thousands of years presents unusual problems.
Since M-state elements are invisible to assays in the laboratory it will not be hard to recognise that quantifying them as a medicine has not been possible to do. By the same token, carrying out a clinical trial with nothing is not a situation that world medical authorities can comprehend or would contemplate...!
There are reports on a wide variety of positive results from enlightened doctors and alternative health practioners in a number of countries but - not entirely surprisingly - such cases have not been accepted for publication in conservative medical journals.
So, although we can discuss likely effects and how it is theorised that M-state elements might assist a certain condition we sadly have no professional grounds to recommend their use per se.
That means that the choice to take our Elixirs in the belief that they could help, must lie SOLELY with the Purchaser.

 Enhancement of Spirituality

It is said that the active ingredient in our Elixirs is one of the oldest secrets (formerly) known to Man...
However, the Ancients who understood this Knowledge seem to have taken white powder gold for enlightenment under conditions of meditation and self-control. This exotic material is not the answer to a boring or unhappy life, nor will it convey magical powers to the User.
Indeed, over-consumption of M-state gold without care or proper thought may fuel the ego and encourage erratic behaviour. For this reason, we believe its use in the development of consciousness and spirituality requires the combination of care, time, and a positive enlightened attitude.

 Enhancement of Health

Researchers believe that the Ormus materials give energy to the whole body and that this stimulates the immune system and healing in general. However, the particular hypothesised action of m-state rhodium & iridium in refreshing degraded DNA is something that may intrigue most of us, as ageing is the most common manifestation of DNA deterioration.
Many diseases of today do not appear to have existed long ago and are a direct or indirect result of changes in the DNA of chromosomes. There are many persons in our society with serious health conditions for whom conventional medicine has unfortunately not been a success. If such a Person is reading this, we would advise them to try to stay calm, relaxed and objective...
Increasing numbers of people now appear to suppose that these exotic materials were intended to be a part of our diet since the dawn of creation. Those who think this way, believe it possible that Elixirs like ours might make some kind of improvement in any condition however grave.
But, as in all things in life, there is a great individual variation: often, the strength of someone's life-force, or the extent of "positive or negative thinking" can have a major effect on Ormus actions. Many researchers attest to this material being "alive" and how it needs to liaise efficiently with the person taking it, in order to have the best effect.
So, there are a number of variables involved, and those seeking a New Path must please recognise this and appreciate that healing may be a long and difficult process. Gentle, but cautious optimism is the way forward...!
It has been suggested that Ormus material is able to read your "medical records" and some users report feeling sensations, aches etc in various parts of the body connected with previous conditions as if the Ormus was going past, examining everything to see if a change was appropriate.
In some cases, there has been a report of a kind of detox reaction and this can be both quite uncomfortable and last for some months. Users need to rest, to drink considerable amounts of water and may even require to stop and restart the Elixir as appropriate.


We are producing our Elixirs by alchemical techniques known for thousands of years. However, we also have some Consultants available, who are familiar with how others have used our products. Should Clients feel they wish to ask about this, in order to make a judgement as to how to proceed, we are happy to assist.
Specialities include both conventional medicine and alternative disciplines such as hypnotherapy, reiki, homeopathy and psychic healing.

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