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 What Advice Are We ABLE to Give...?

Although we (and many others) believe our Elixirs contain vital ingredients for health and life energy, the unique circumstances that have kept them hidden for thousands of years presents unusual problems.
Since they are invisible to assays in any standard laboratory it may not be surprising that quantifying Ormus elements as a "medicine" has so far not been done as they appear to mainstream scientists not to exist. By the same token, carrying out a clinical trial with "nothing" as the active agent, is not something that world medical authorities can comprehend or would contemplate.
There are reports on a wide variety of positive treatment results in serious disease from a few enlightened doctors and alternative health practitioners in a number of countries but - not entirely surprisingly - such cases are not usually accepted for publication in the conservative medical journals.
So, while we can discuss reported effects and suggest how these Ormus materials might "in theory" assist a certain condition, we sadly have no professional authority to recommend their medical use per se.
That means that the decision to take our Elixirs must lie SOLELY with the Purchaser.

 Enhancement of Spirituality

It is said that the active ingredient in our Elixirs is one of the oldest secrets (formerly) known to Man.
However, the Ancients who understood this Knowledge seem to have taken White Powder Gold for enlightenment under conditions of meditation and self-control. This exotic material is not the answer to a boring or unhappy life, nor will it convey magical powers to the user.
Indeed, over-consumption of M-state Gold without care or proper thought may fuel the ego and encourage erratic behaviour. For this reason, we believe the use of Ormus in the development of consciousness and spirituality requires the combination of care, time and a responsible attitude. It is also why we choose not to offer an M1 Gold Ormus.

 Enhancement of Health

Researchers believe that the Ormus materials give energy to the whole body and that this stimulates the immune system and healing in general. Many diseases of today do not appear to have existed long ago and seem to be a direct or indirect result of changes in the DNA of chromosomes.
The hypothesised action of M-state Rhodium & Iridium to encourage replacement of such degraded and non-effective chromosomes with fresh original DNA would certainly seem beneficial, whether countering the effects of ageing or treating cancer etc. There is a school of thought that suggests that these exotic materials were intended to be a part of our diet since the dawn of creation. Perhaps DNA degradation illnesses can be considered as "deficiency diseases" like scurvy, through lack of vitamin C. Except in this case, it is the Ormus elements which have been lacking...!
Sadly, there are many persons in our society with serious health conditions for whom conventional medicine has unfortunately not been a success.
A number of people have reported that our Elixirs can still make some kind of improvement in a health condition however grave. But, as with many things, there can be a big individual variation and the state of a person's life-force energy can affect the extent to which they may be able to respond to Ormus. Healing can be a slow process requiring patience: for this reason it will be clear how important it is to consider Ormus as early as possible in the disease process, in order to have the necessary time available for it to be able to do whatever it can.
It has been suggested that Ormus is able to read your "medical records" and some users report feeling sensations, aches etc in various parts of the body connected with previous conditions as if the Ormus was going past, examining everything to see if any improvement was still needed (eg improperly healed fractures have been reported to correct over time..!).
In some cases, there has been a report of a kind of detox ("Herxheimer") reaction and this can be both a little uncomfortable and last for some weeks. Users need to rest, to drink considerable amounts of water and may even require to stop and restart the Elixir as appropriate. There seems to be no obvious correlation between this detox appearing and the seriousness of the illness: however, those who do experience detox usually report a positive eventual outcome, the same as those who do not.

 Essene Alchemists

We are producing our Elixirs by ancient Alchemical Methods known thousands of years ago and practised at the time of King Solomon. However, affiliated to our enterprise are persons trained as conventional doctors, hypnotherapists and psychic healers which is why our principal interest is "Ormus for Healthcare".

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